E-Commerce Marketing Inc., welcomes you to the largest, most dominant SEO positive electronic cigarette domain portfolio to hit the market. This domain portfolio offers prolific data driven control on a rapidly growing market.  Whole portfolio for sale with ad network, organic SEO traffic with original content, and transparent growth.

The information on this site offers a full view into the methodical assembly and traffic positive growth as well as comparing prices with comparable domains as well as portfolios. This portfolio is one that will change the competitive landscape of this rapidly growing market.  Rarely has there been an industry since e-commerce existed has there been a more meaningful and high impact portfolio to highlight many historic techniques and with timing that beat the market.

Specifics and Details:

1. The portfolio contains 1549 total domains spanning every aspect of the electronic cigarette industry. These domains are superior to the ones listed on sale at most auction sites, in aggregate, or individually. It features VANITY, KEYWORD, and SEO positive growth all at once.

2. Great real estate on names alone. SEE THE FULL LIST POST.

3. Great keyword driven isolation and vertical lockdown.  It covers emerging markets and secures the best segments broadly and narrowly in this market.  The growth curve and trajectory of the traffic, in addition to the names, is substantial increasing at a rate of approximately 25% per week.

4. High traffic keyword domains with SEO built on them and DATA POSTED HERE. REAL GOOGLE ANALYTICS, INDUSTRY, AND BING / YAHOO DATA. We will post the volumes based on these engines and will put up our stats across all domains day over day so that what is occurring in real time can be seen, audited and verified.

5. Stats and SEO proof on critical domains in a very SEO COMPETITIVE niche. We have an SEO with credentials that are provable and well documented. We have Playboy.com’s former SEO who secured over 13 years the toughest terms on the net. We’re posting with nothing hidden our stats as they grow under that marketing team.

SEO & Marketing Team Expertise & Highlights

  • Installed all of the SEO infrastructure for Playboy.com, and many, many other companies.  Has a verifiable and proven track record for top 10 listings for the correspondent terms and phrases for various industries and anything among the elite listings in the most competitive landscape in SEO.
  • Consulted for mainstream companies such as LightBank.com (owners of Groupon), The Smithsonian EOL.ORG project (which also achieved a pagerank 8), well known entities in the dental insurance SEO space, and is a whitelabel full SEO shop to very prominient vendors (info available to any serious inquiruy on verifying or learning more of these specifics).
  • SEO team is also a full e-commerce and digital marketing team who has a long and just as accomplished record in affiliate marketing, SEM, and being a pioneer in social media before it was called social media.

We will also compare this to inferior domains being auctioned currently, none of which come with SEO, at all. These are the best and most meaningful domains, the most of them in place, and they have one of the best SEO’s by verifiable record. You can see the SEO growth and verify it in engines and based on true sharing of our own analytics. Unlike any other portfolio or network we will be transparent with your supportive, verifiable data and analytics. This is complete, logical, and built out to be a traffic, seo, marketing, real estate, and the best list of domains with meaningful traffic.

That could be the basis for sales, ad sales as the only place to really buy traffic, sales of one’s own product, to completely put the market on notice. Owning this means to own the market on traffic. This means if you are one of the existing “Big Tobacco” companies you will be able to dominate on SEO and related traffic and sales.  This is for the entire portfolio of domains. We are willing to entertain discussions of selling individual components as well, at a premium.

Big tobacco or entity with serious spend available only.

Thank you – Please see our posts and check the contact tab for more information.